Bugs in SOLOS

[ Notes concerning bugs in SOLOS, by Paul Schaper, 3/29/2001]

These are some bugs I found in Solos over the years. I am copying from some of the notes I wrote in my Solos manual.

GET (name(/unit) (addr))

XEQ (name(/unit) (addr))

If addr is 0, it will be ignored and file will load at location defined in file header.

SET O=port

SET I=port

Any time any of these conditions occur, both tape drives will be shut off, output will be returned to the video display, and input will be returned to the keyboard.


SET CIN addr

addr of 0 indicates no routine.

SET N=data

Solos manual says:

The value is initialized to zero but may be set to any number up to FF (hex).

Really up to 80H. Bug at C308 causes return if value 81H or greater.

Also, only CRLFs **ISSUED BY SOLOS** will be followed by nulls.